Flying Car

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As crazy as I may have sounded with a car that could turn into a boat they now successfully have created a flying car which is very good on gas as well.  Click on this link below to be blown away!


Assignment 3

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College students have a hard time manage time class and maintain a healthy diet.  Therefore I have come up with an idea to come up with a food app.  This app will calculate the food that you eat and give you the ammount of calories you are taking in.  One that is completed you will type in your goal weight and the app will calculate how many calories you should burn to reach your goal weight based on your caloric intake.  The time aloted for weight loss goals can be set from as close as one week or as far as one year.  The app will also suggest various excercises so that it will be more effective for those who want to have a lean body versus those who are looking to build muscle.  The app can also work the same for thos who are looking to gain weight.

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The Shareable Future of Cities

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  • How many people does Steffen estimate we will have living in or near cities by mid-century?

8 billion people

  • Explain how you agree or disagree with Steffen’s point that our energy use is “predestined” rather than “behavioral”.

I agree, because based on where you live and the environment and surrounding areas that can dictate how you are used to using electricity and your need for it regardless of whether you want to or not.

  • What correlation does Steffen make between a city’s density and its climate emissions?

The denser the city the less the climate emissions are because of the relative closeness of everything that one needs.

  • What are the “eco districts” that Steffen mentions? How you see these as feasible or unfeasible in a city like Norfolk?

Whole new sustainable neighborhoods or redesigning urban development now.  It is feasible and despite what my classmates view of Norfolk because they think it is so bad they have very nice and new areas with housing districts and stores which they have recently built from either buying out older homes or renovating older areas.

  • Explain how you agree or disagree with the “threshold effect” that Steffen discusses related to transportation.

The threshold effect is when people stop driving as much.  If the people are around a place they consider home they stop driving all together.

  • What does Steffen mean by the idea that, “…even space itself is turning into a service…”? Can you provide any examples that you see here in Norfolk or elsewhere?

Steffen means that people can share the same space and do stuff with vacant space to achieve their desired goal.  In Norfolk there are a few open fields where firefighters may train one day and another day you could see a football team conditioning there so the vacant area can have more than one use.

  • Describe your understanding of Steffen’s argument that, “…it’s not about the leaves above, but the systems below…”.

I believe that Steffen means that when it comes to the trees we need to not focus on the leaves but what the roots and base of the tree can do as far as absorption of run-off and filtration of run-off.

  • Finally, overall in what way(s) do you see Steffen’s ideas working / not working here in Norfolk? Spend time with this question!

I see his ideas as far as thresholding and building eco-districts working the most effectively in Norfolk.  I say this because if we want to cut down on the emissions we first have to build up Norfolk so that the housing is up to standards and the crime rate will decrease.  This will make people feel safer so that they can walk to a store instead of driving there instead utilizing both the threshold effect and eco-districts we can better the city of Norfolk.

Individual Problem Analysis:  What causes an unsuccessful transition from high school to college health and why?  Year in and year out many high school graduates attempt the higher education adventure we call college.  Many gain weight while in the process of familiarizing themselces to a new campus.  Is it because of the freedom that exist in the unsupervised real world or maybe the college really isn’t for everybody.



The authir states that there are ways college students can improve their health(the three below are among the many the author recommended:

  • Improve eating habits and be active
  • Avoid fatigue and sleep deprivation
  • Maintain mental health


The Author stated the cause for health concerns are over use of electronics and not enough physical activity saying that,”Nearly two-fifths or 38.5 percent of all students surveyed fall within the overweight or obese/extremely obese categories. At the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 29.1 percent of those surveyed fall within the overweight or obese/extremely obese categories. A new issue is surfacing when it comes to student physical health, 28.7 percent of students surveyed report excessive computer/Internet use and 41.8 percent indicate the activity affected their academic performance. ”


the author states that to combat the college health concerns “Adults should be active at least 2 1/2 hours a week. But some students may not be getting enough too many college kids aren’t heeding the advice and warns that college students aren’t immune to the obesity epidemic.”

Relationship with technology

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My relationship with technology has started for me since I was in the third grade and  doing various games on the computer that helped me learn.  Also technology is key to my and our relationship is key because I am a twitter junkie and always squeeze in time to get that last tweet off.

Hello World

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Glad to be starting my new blog.  I am Djkeeling swaggdaddy extraordinaire.  Follow my blog